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Been meaning to re-open this up! I still plan to submit an image information form later! Just to keeps things neat aha.

Times have been rough on my wallet as of late, and commissions can really help me out as I search for a more steady flow of income!

Regular Artwork

$35USD Fullbody
$25USD Waist
and to your right by lovebby who dares approach by lovebby guess who's back by lovebby you'd have to get past me first by lovebby Just Checking my Shoulder by lovebby Pretty in Pink by lovebby Trying to Show Some Muscle by lovebby

Chibi Artwork

$25USD FullBody
$16USD Waist
is this even a bouquet by lovebby Leaky Hands by lovebby W-Who Me? by lovebby rose maid by lovebby comet punchhhhhh by lovebbyher holiday attire by lovebbytop three by lovebby

Comic Artwork

Dependant !!
new flowers everyday by lovebby what a steady hand you've got there by lovebby one of the rats by lovebby world adventuring by lovebby whered the spotlight come from by lovebby pears and mates by lovebby


$5USD Headshot / Bustshot
Saiyan by lovebby Saiyanbrooooo by lovebby Kingsoc by lovebby Smileforthecamera by lovebby Mitsu Sayama by lovebby Nightmare Bear by lovebby Cuteoc by lovebby Precisemoonnn by lovebby Foreheadmouth by lovebby Stars by lovebby Caleb by lovebby Singinggg by lovebby Yuck by lovebby

Please have a clear subject you would like an artwork of. I can work off a text description, but need clear information on the hairstyle, clothing, any special markings (tattoos, marks, etc). I do not like to work off "she wears normal clothes" or "he's got some flower tattoo." Pulling references from google alone can be a major help. If I need more information than what you've given me, I will request more.


  1. These prices are for personal use only, if you're interested in commercial prices, please message me with detailed information.
  2. Large items, props or pets (A large pet or animal may be counted as a whole new character if large/detailed enough.), heavy detail in clothing, armor, weaponry, jewelry etc will cause a raise in prices.
  3. I'm not comfortable with too many fandoms, message me and ask me about it. 
  4. Couples are double any price, and any extra person is additive of the original price. ( A doodle of five headshots would be $25, in a group or singular)
  5. MAKE SURE to convert your currency to USD, as that is all I take.

To pay, click here . (
or you can use my paypal email,

Feel free to send me a note here or reach me on skype at: love,cedes (note the comma in the middle)

Any other questions or comments, feel free to note me or leave a comment! Thank you!!
Lurking away from dA and internet stuffs. A crap ton of stuff has happened, my whole situation has changed, I'm poorer than before which was pretty damn poor to start off with, people have gone etcetc, this have been looking realllly terrible year. 

So I need to help it change! I'm going to be slowly trying to keep things moving on dA when I have the time, though I'm sure there's just going to be spurts of activity than not so much.

Lurking on my phone here and there when I'm not really active lol I'm sure.

Anyways, I have a few things in my I need to get out, so most likely the stuff I'll be uploading will be a bit older (lol)
I have however, dabbled in youtube videos, whooo so I have a few speedpaints in the videos, so that could be fun to see. So subscribe there and check them out! Super new to youtube too lol

Once again, I started a patreon (Back when things were looking much more up than now) and would be super super appreciative if anyone could be able to check it out and spread the word or consider supporting me!

Thank you everyoneeeee and I should soon have a commission sheet up here! Cause gods know I need the damn money lol.
Hello all!
I hope you're all having a wonderfulll new year, mine has had a bad rocky start already, but I'm determined to change that!

I told myself wayyy back in 2015 I told myself I was going to try some new things.
I started early last November in making a group (that I'm still very much learning how to manage lol). I was planning on getting a Core Membership by taking some point commissions, but was beaten to the punch by LittleMonogatari ! Thank you very much for that Mono!!
:iconpatreonplz: :iconpatreonplz: :iconpatreonplz:
I had been looking into making myself a Patreon , which I have! You can find me on Patreon as cedes ! (let me know if that link is wrong lol) I had made it about two months back, but didn't have anything really posted because I was intimidated LOL;; But I don't mind starting out slow as I learn more about that site! I'm not limiting what I post here on dA or any site, just offering new things like psd files and chances on getting some artwork really! Please do look into maybe supporting me though, I'd be most grateful! *3*!!
An ask blog on tumblr featuring my original characters because I wanted too! I've been meaning to do this for a while as well, and boom here it is! Please pop in an send in an ask, anon or not! I'm having fun with what I have already and would love to include all of you! I was never good at the tumblring but I'll learn as I go here too LOL. I don't have an art tumblr specific for my art, just a askblog <u< Maybe later on I'll learn how to after all these new things I'm already doing lol.

And that's abut all! I hope to able to throw more fun good things at everyone! * 3*!!!
Whoo! I've been wanting to try a group for a while now, and I've finally decided to make one! True, there are many OC groups out there, but seeing how most of interest is in my own original characters and those of others, it was the best choice.

:iconfantastical-oc: :iconfantastical-oc: :iconfantastical-oc: :iconfantastical-oc: :iconfantastical-oc:

Even if you don't have an OC of your own, you can still join! Or perhaps suggest artworrks from another artist, that's always great! And affiliates are always cool! q uq!! There's a gallery for submitting OCs of others to get them out in the open as well. The gallery only consist of my own artwork so far so please come help out q uq!!

It doesn't have the best icon either, but I had fun with it :P
I don't know why I just stop posting here ouo;;;
So I think I'm just going to post crap now. Hopefully.
Things might be a bit more low quality now but at least I'll update ??;;;
Geeeze it's been forever since I last updated my dA;;;
I've been gone for so long! I'll jsut uh, post up recent arts I did the past few days I suppose U uU
Let's see how long I stay this time, ahha;
Hey guys, I'm going to be needing some money so I'm opening up RL commissions q uq
Hopefully this will go along successfully.
**Simple: I work on a medium canvas and shade with one color.
**Detailed: I work on a bigger canvas and add in more colors.
Couples are double.

Simple chibis:
$10 USD
Don't Underestimate Ghost Types by lovebby Just Floating About by lovebby Try One by lovebby My Mouth is Sealed by lovebby

Detailed chibis  **CLOSED

Alice by lovebby Hey Fish! by lovebby Shinies by lovebby Stitched Ghost by lovebby

Simple Fullbodies

$ 15

Sleeve was Falling by lovebby What's in the Bag? by lovebby Dit by lovebby Oku by lovebby

Detailed Fullbodies

$ 30

Run Away! by lovebby A Flower for Me? by lovebby

Payment can be sent after I accept, half before then after, or after seeing a watermarked sketch to

Send a note or comment with this form:
Style: simple/detailed and chibi/fullbody
Price: total USD
Ref: as much as you can, profile page, short bio/personality, age gender etc
Extra: anything else you'd like to mention, a wip perhaps?
Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted anything really in my journal. So just letting you know that I'm having an interrogation on my ocs here:
Please leave a few comments there! Thank you q u q

Ah, and i cannot answer any questions yet, but in due time e u e

Making a Visual Novel

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 11:54 PM

Tumblr Page : here!

Hi guys!
About a week ago I ran across mention of a program to make Visual Novels, called Ren'Py.
It looked doable enough that I wanted to try!

So I've decided to try, obviously. I'm making all the art, script and coding by myself. VNs have music along them, sop I['m not sure how I'm going to that by myself lol. But I'll shall cross that bridge when i get to it.

See, I've been posting character art of mine and collecting art for a while now, and I haven't really actually gave out their stories really.
My first Visual Novel, which I'm considering calling Hospitality, will be the background stories of some of the characters you can find in my gallery.

It would make more sense for me to have it as a Kinetic Novel, where you'd just have a story to read and click along to, but I thought it'd be funner to try and throw in some user interaction where you can control the story. Think like a choose your own adventure  book, with animation and music. The choice you make in the game will effect who the story ends, along with your relationships with the characters.

The Main Character I've chosen this time you can see here. Her story brought in quite a lot of characters, do that's why I've chosen her first. Depending on the outcome of this VN, I plan on making many more! Wish me luck you guys!

Ah, I'm not sure how much more I should say, aha.
Though you can leave comments or questions and I'm sure I'll answer them ;D


Journal Entry: Thu Aug 29, 2013, 2:21 AM

I'm dumping things on dA again OTL
I still hve more things to upload but I'm too sleepy right now x:

Sorry Guys

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 9, 2013, 3:41 PM

I'm playing around with uploading multiple files with my subscription LOL. It's fun D:<
Anyways, I've been lacking in my updating dA, so here comes a little rush of fun arts.

Look, a journal skin! I should try and fix up my page too, Yeee. Also, I'm thinking of opening point commissions. I've been craving ordering more art! What do you guys think?

:T But to buy for myself in points I have to buy a year only? xD;
Hng. eu e;
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So I've been experimenting with lines these days. O v O
So which do you perfer?
Black lines?
Messy Eater? by lovebby
Colored Lines?
KAWAII ONYX by lovebby
Thin Lines?
What Do You Think You're Doin'? by lovebby
Just leave  a quick (orlongermaybe*u*) Comment below, I'm rather curious~~
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To finding adorable adoptables.
o uo
Someone help me. They're just so adorable D:< And I want to cuddle them but they're not mine haha. Not like I have the points or money for it anyways q u q

/sigggh and end confession
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Time for more dumpinggg
I don't know why I've been avoiding submitting. The submit page is rather annoying though hrrgh.
Okay so here goes ; u ;
My coloring has gotten darker now btw. I feel happy about that o u o
I'm also drawing bigger so it looks a lot more smoother erhur BD
why am I uploading everything at 1am idk. Just don't know.
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Hey guys how are you~
I have successfully created a chibi style I feel comfortable with sticking close too!
Haha. A lot of my chibis are often inconsistant so that makes me a bit... like I'm feeling accomplished. Yaayyy.That also means I will smuther you guys with chibis yay :la:
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closed for now~
Sooo my budget is just about non existent guys. Not cool, you know?
So I'll have some RLC open!
I think the prices are really nice so please help a deviant out?

My samples from this year are;;

Blaise by lovebby Ashkii by lovebby
Busts $3-4 usd

Candy Time by lovebby messy eater by lovebby
Fullbodies $7-$10 usd

Paypal only please, US dollars.
I don't do point commissions and nothing overly sexual. Most other scenarios are free game~
Note me for more info! I don't bite :la:
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So I feel like sharing some thumbnails of the art I've gotten for my characters from deviants! Yay! Make sure to check them out for their awesome works! :D

Tituba by Kiwi-Twist Jaime watermarked by Chere-and-Rose For Lovebby by Gwendlynn T Commission: Chia by crowladee Ike by hpanna47 Cedes OC e ue by DoodleLuvzYo1:thumb297334117::thumb302597760: Cedesbby - Kip by Aura-Alora fifty three by ephemera-ema Crysandrea: lovebby Giss by nekochan491 Commission- L0VE by Spirited-Violet:thumb292352791: Character Sketch Exen by QuietPyre mayaya by Icee-tan Tywys OC Commission by Sayuri-Nitta Vuex by LittlesFuntime Momew 7 by Momew Commission: Kip by Gabizolas Commission for cedesbby by Suikasen GC: who you callin' princess by picopuri Dahlia for cedesbby by cennemin

Yaaay! Thank you to the artists that took the time to draw for me C:
Hopefully I can get more artists and feature a lot more <3
If you'd like to draw and get a change to be featured comment or note me!
:iconrlytearplz: <3
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I really need the money right now too OTL;
What do you guys think? C:
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It's borrowed, but nontheless, a tablet again! I can work on SAI comfortably again! So now I will start working on digital again C;
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